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Приоритет ми е да накарам всяка жена да се чувства специална.
We are a hairdressing salon where our philosophy is simple, we specialise in fresh up to date, versatile styles that are easy to manage between visits and are tailor made to suit the individual. Our team of highly trained stylists not only share a passion for hairdressing, but also employ meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every cut and colour is second to none and that client satisfaction is put above all else. The atmosphere in the salon is relaxed and unintimidating, welcoming a range of clients of all ages that just want a great cut and colour. It feels like a family in here where everyone helps each other out to ensure a fun and happy environment. Our work can be seen in leading magazines, on models, musicians and T.V. stars where our team go out to style hair globally, each one bringing something special to the salon and bringing a positive competitiveness to the salon which ensures standards are exceptionally high as everyone wants to stand out. There is a lot of laughing and energy in the salon but the main focus is always on YOU and making sure that not only do you enjoy the experience but you leave with all the ingredients of a good hairstyle, meaning you can take care of it at home.
Biography, Joro Petkov is a young hair stylist who is progressing very well in his career. For the eight-year period of his work in Bulgaria he has become one of the most popular and sought after professionals. He possesses creative ability and good skills. These qualities have enabled him to achieve recognition as a very good specialist in the hairdressing industry in a relatively short period of time. He has passed vocational training in several professional centres and schools and his serious work brought him recognition and he became “Hairdresser of Year 2006” by Pantene Beauty Awards. Joro continues to work for the improvement of his knowledge and skills and attends training seminars organized by “Schwarzkopf” Academy in Vienna. He participated in the workshops in Budapest and Krakow, to be in line with the new trends. He works actively with Bulgarian celebrities – Galena, Maria Ilieva, Neti, Alex Raeva and made them look more glamorous and successful and that their appearance is following the world fashion trends. Due to his creativeness and professional approach to hair-styling his works appear regularly in established magazines like ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, MAXIMUM, MODA, PLAYBOY, BEAUTY, HAIR Style and other catalogues for clothes and hair fashion as well as in TV and other commercials. Joro Petkov has worked with many prominent Bulgarian fashion photographers like Delian Markov, Vasil Germanov, Temelko Temelkov, Kostadin Krastev and others. He has an extensive experience in colouring, trimming and in making of evening and formal hair-styles.
Жоро Петков е роден на 18 юли, София. Завършва средното си образование в 12 СОУ – Езикова гимназия с изучаване на немски и английски език – София. Започва заниманията си с фризьорство в център за професионално обучение. Съвсем скоро започва да получава отличия в сферата на фризьорството – диплома от международен семинар на WELLA за напреднали фризьори. Успешно завършва курс в школа Стилист Капанов” и получава званието за майстор фризьор. Успоредно с тези професионални успехи продължава да надгражда своите познания и умения като учи висше специалност „Мениджмънт във фризьорството и козметиката – Фирмен мениджър ”. След завършването на специалността е приет в академията на „Schwarzkopf” – Виена. Получава и наградата Коафьор на 2006 г. ” на Pantene Beauty Awards. В своето професионално развитие се отличава още като член на Националната занаятчийска камара в България. Притежава богат опит в колористиката, постригването и изработването на вечерни и официални прически. Има дългогодишен опит като фризьор за фото-сесии и корици на модни списания: ELLE, COSMOPOLITAN, AMICA, MAXIMUM, MODA, PLAYBOY, BEAUTY, КОСА и СТИЛ и други, каталози за облекло, рекламни кампании, видеоклипове и модни ревюта.

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